About Us

Gigglemite.com utilizes dynamic Internet technologies to create customized, professional websites. We are a fun (hence the name Gigglemite) and collaborative team of web artists, architects, designers, developers, writers and project managers who are committed to bringing our customer's vision to the internet. We partner with many different organizations from non-profit initiatives, educational institutions, government offices and Fortune 100 industries - whether the site is informational or commerce-based. We will work with any size organization with any size budget to improve their competitive advantage and Internet presence.

We are committed to build innovative sites that meet the highest standards of web design and development. We want your site to:

  • Be attractive and visually appealing to the user
  • Be accessible and easy to load on any browser or system
  • Be easy to navigate so users find what they need
  • Be relevant to ensure that users get information they want in the way they want it

We work with you through the entire development process to guarantee that we meet your objectives for a quality online experience. For examples of our work, click on our Portfolio.


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