Services offers several services to produce the results that you want. We follow a consistent development process that engages the customer in the creation and implementation of the site.

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Implementation Consultant - What sets apart from other web development groups is our Implementation Consulting team. We believe that a sound web strategy is only as good as an organization's ability to implement that strategy successfully, and that is where our implementation consultants make a significant difference. Our team of consultants work with you to develop your online strategy, create an implementation plan, and improve overall organizational effectiveness through their expertise in strategy development, implementation management, organization and process design, and leadership coaching. They have proven results with a number of e-commerce businesses on improving the bottomline, increasing employee engagement and productivity, and successfully implementing competitive strategies.

Project Management - Our expert project managers partner with you from conception of your site to arranging for ongoing maintenance of the site. A project manager will be assigned to you from the time you contact us to gather, analyze and contract for your site requirements, ensure that you understand the full process, obtain sign-offs for each stage of design and development, and provide an excellent customer experience. Your project manager will be your point of contact with your team of online professionals to ensure a timely, cost-efficient, and quality product.

Web Design - Our web design team creates the graphic look and feel of your web site. They take the customer's vision and make it reality by designing what your users will see. Our designers create online layouts that are visually appealing and functional.

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Web Development - Professional developers create interactive features that engage your users in the online experience. Our development team creates all of the back-end functionality of your site such as: databases, secure web areas, online forms, discussion or chat rooms and other interactive media.

Usability Testing - Our usability experts test your site to ensure that it meets the standards that you set for your website and basic Internet standards. They engage potential users in scenarios that identify issues or bugs with the design or development of your site as well as opportunities for improving your site before the site is launched to the public.

Graphics Design - Our graphics artists create customized logos and marketing materials that bring your ideas to life. Trained in the latest graphics technologies and marketing approaches, our team will cater to your customer demographics and produce a brand image that works for you.

Ongoing Evaluation and Maintenance - A good site is only good if it is sustainable over time. Site content, design elements and functionality have to be current in order to be relevant to the user, so our team will assist you with the ongoing evaluation and maintenance of your site after launch.

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